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SWQ (Sandra Weiss Quintet)

SWQ is a journey into the vast universe of sound, where one rambles, resolving into a billow of sound that evolves into different shapes and densities.
The instruments are the source of a variety of sounds and noises, which are not necessarily recognizable as a saxophone, bassoon, trumpet, bass or drum.

The Cd, SWQ „Ramble“, was released on the English label Leo Records in August 2015




















music samples:


Sandra Weiss - alto saxophone / bassoon
Jonathan Moritz - soprano and tenor saxophones
Kenny Warren - trumpet
Sean Ali - double bass
Carlo Costa – drums














SWQ came together as a result of a number of sessions organized by Sandra Weiss, on her visits to NYC. "It was an amazing musical trip each time we played together and it needed to be recorded eventually."

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